Backpacking The Via Dinarica Trail! DETAILS SOON!

by ForSomethingMore
(Last Updated On: April 6, 2021)

Via Dinarica Trail

Via Dinarica TrailFollow along with us!

Updates BELOW!

July 2017, we HIT the trail!

In less than two weeks from now, we’re going to be backpacking ~120 miles on the Via Dinarica Trail.

Bosnia and Herzegovina ?? -> Montenegro ??-> Albania ??

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All the Details

When we’re back in WIFI, get ready for all the details! In the mean time, get out there and explore!

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Here are our Updates

(We’ll put more details once we’re back!)

Making out list and checking it twice! Don’t wanna forget anything!

Via Dinarica Trail

Starting to pack

It’s taken me a few weeks to create these, but they’re finally done! Homemade topo maps! We’ve got digital navigation options too, but there is no more of a sure bet than good ol’ paper maps and a compass!

Via Dinarica Trail

Homemade topo maps (Thank you Google Earth!)

Sutjeska National Park was BRILLIANT! We’ll be posting all the details when we’re back.

Via Dinarica Trail

Mt. Maglic (Sutjeska National Park)


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