Family Friendly Hike – Hong Pak Country Trail

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(Last Updated On: June 19, 2019)
Hong Pak Country Trail

Hong Kong is full of beautiful green spaces, and fortunately, many of them are family friendly! Hong Pak Country Trail is one of them, and it begins at the Quarry Bay MTR station, exit A, and it terminates at the Tai Koo MTR station (here is an MTR System Map if you’re new to Hong Kong). Along the way, it immerses you in some of Hong Kong’s beautiful jungle, gives you some beautiful city views, and it’s not too steep, it’s not too long, thus it’s perfect for a family outing!

If you don’t want to worry about any of the navigating, and you just want to focus on some family fun, click below, and we’d be glad to guide you on Hong Pak Country Trail!

Want a guide?

What You’ll Need To Bring

You are not going to need a lot of gear to enjoy yourself on Hong Pak Country Trail, but some water, raincoats, a camera and a powerbank are what we consider essential day hiking gear! Don’t forget some light snacks, especially if you’re hiking with some kiddos!


For this mellow route, 1 liter per person should be plenty of water. These Hydro Flasks are what we use. They are environmentally friendly, as they are reusable. They are also rugged, and most importantly on a hot day, they are insulated.* Fill them with ice in the summer or warm water in the winter, and you’ll be good to go. And by choosing this reusable bottle, you’ll have made a choice to live a green life in Hong Kong.


We seldom leave for a hike without our rain jackets, as they are good for sun protection in the summer (though they do get a bit hot) and wind protection in the cold months. At the end of a hike, if we have to get on the air conditioned MTR, we use them to keep from catching cold. For men, we recommend this raincoat, and women, we recommend this women’s version of the same one.


If you’re on an outing with your family, you’ll definitely want to bring a camera! We use this camera,and we use this lens, and we love them both! This setup is light, high quality, weatherproof and VERY durable.

Power Bank/Wireless SD Card Reader

We usually use our phones to navigate on our hikes, and on Hong Pak Country Trail, you can use your phone to navigate too (see our Google Map route below). Thus, we always make sure to bring a power bank with us. This power bank also has a built in SD card reader, so if you’d like to backup your photos while you’re on the trail, just connect it to an external hard drive (we love this water-resistant, shock-resistant, SUPER small, solid state (SSD), 500GB hard drive), and backup your photos as you’d like!

Getting There

Getting to the trail head of  Hong Pak Country Trail is super simple, so just take the MTR to Quarry Bay MTR station, exit A, and then follow either the pictures below or our Google Map route, or both!

Difficulty and Distance


This entire hike is family friendly. The Hong Pak Country trail starts with a gentle uphill, then it flattens out, then it ends with a gentle downhill. Check out the elevation profile below.

Distance, Elevation Gain and Duration:

The distance and elevation gain below are 100% accurate, and if you walk at a relaxed pace, the 2 hour and 10 minute duration is quite accurate too.

Hong Pak Country Trail
Hong Pak Country Trail Elevation Profile

Our Route

When you’re out on the trail, you can use our Google Maps route (in the Google Map app) if you click here on our Hong Pak Country Trail Google Map.

Again, if you’d prefer to leave the navigating to us, click below, and we’ll start planning your Hong Pak Country Trail adventure for you and your family!

Want a guide?

map legend button
This button opens the map legend

MAP NOTE: Once our Hong Pak Country Trail Google Map has loaded in your Google Maps app, don’t forget to click on the menu icon to see the Map Legend.

Picture Directions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you’re a visual learner too, the below picture guide can also help you navigate while you’re out on the trail!

Hong Pak Country Trail
Take Exit A at Quarry Bay MTR station and turn right on King’s Road
Hong Pak Country Trail
Turn right at Mount Parker Road
Hong Pak Country Trail
Continue up Mount Parker Road
Hong Pak Country Trail
Be on the lookout for the Hong Pak Country Trail turnoff
Hong Pak Country Trail
You will walk for about 30-40 minutes without having to take any turns. Then, you’ll get to this fork. Take the trail to the left
Hong Pak Country Trail
When you see signs to Korn Hill. Take that route.
Hong Pak Country Trail
Follow the trail to the left
Hong Pak Country Trail
Head left again
Hong Pak Country Trail
You’re going left again
Hong Pak Country Trail
Head towards the Korn Hill sign
Hong Pak Country Trail
Now, follow the trail to the right.
Hong Pak Country Trail
Follow the catch water and soon you will see apartment blocks on your right
Hong Pak Country Trail
You will come to this sign at the end of the path

Get Hiking

And that’s all she wrote! If you’ve finished the family friendly Hong Pak Country Trail, and you’ve decided you’d like to try something more challenging (but still family friendly if your family is quite fit), you should consider hiking Suicide Cliff in Kowloon, Jardine’s Lookout (right in this same area) or even something as tough as High West in Kennedy Town.

As always, it’s our goal to provide you with the information and inspiration you need to go on our own adventures, so if you have any questions about the Hong Pak Country Trail hike, or if you’ve done this one before and would like to add some info to this post, leave us a comment below!

Happy hiking!

[*Indicates an affiliate link to a place/product of high value and quality and one which we completely stand behind! :-)]

+++BEFORE using this information, please read our Legal Disclaimer.+++

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